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Greetings, marhaba, and welcome to a new year and a new project. This year, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and share with you my research and educational journey through this blog. My business Photographs and Memories by Reem will turn two in February, and it has been truly an adventure so far. In 2019, after practicing Immigration Law for over 20 years, I decided to pursue my interest in genealogy and documenting family histories. I completed Boston University’s Certificate in Genealogical Research and went to the Southern California Genealogy Society’s Jamboree. While continuing my law practice, I went on to open Photographs and Memories by Reem, a business for genealogy, oral history, and photographic documentation. To broaden my education, I attended the UC Berkeley Oral History Center’s 2019 Introductory Workshop and 2020 Summer Institute. Now, two years and many, many webinars and seminars later, I am participating in ProGen 49, a peer review assignment-based study group for professional and aspiring genealogists.

I am currently preparing myself to go “on the clock” working toward certification through the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG). Since this process is happening during the COVID-19 pandemic, my education plan is limited to online and self-study programs, including watching webinars, participating in study groups, and taking online live classes. The silver lining to this is that I have some extra time to participate in these programs without leaving my home. Each month, I will share with you how (and if) I reached my goals.

During this time, I am also taking on family history clients, interviewing community members for a long-term history project, and working on my own family genealogy. I will share with you where my research leads, and the methods used to document my findings and results. Although specific family names may not always be shared due to confidentiality, you can join me as I hash out my research plans for my clients and myself.

When the time is right, I am also looking forward to sharing with you my genealogical travel. I will include you on the planning, research, review, and post-trip organization.

Here’s to 2021 – our voyage awaits!

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